I’m still playing Internet Spaceships (EVE) so I figured that I’d post a little updated on how I’m progressing.

EVE is one of those games where setting yourself goals is pretty much essential. You can certainly play from one day to the next, but you’ll never be anything close to competitive/optimal.

I have a loose master plan that I’m working towards for both my toons. This is constantly being tweaked and, while I do occasionally deviate from it, for the most part I’m sticking to it. Both Jez & Jhiqui are still in their default attribute maps with +4 implants. I’ve decided to train Core Competency – Standard (plus a few extra skills I require/desire) before both get remaps to Preception/Willpower and start training those skills in earnest.

Role: Combat Pilot
Ships: Battlecruisers/Battleships

Jez is currently piloting a Megathron Navy Issue running level 4 security missions with a Myrmidon on standby for level 3s (when I have less time available.) She also has a Thorax, Atron and an Iteron III in her hangar. For the most part, I’ve not deviated significantly from my original plan, however I spent the last week working on my Social skills (to get the most from mission rewards and to improve my standings) and will be spending the next week sorting out my mediocre drone skills.

Originally I’d only planned to train my core skills bare the minimums needed to progress with the intention of remapping to Memory/Intellect once I’d trained my ship piloting skills. The downside of this was, while I’d be able to use Tech 2 guns, I’d still be sporting a Tech 1 tank. Having started running level 4s I can see that the added resistances of Tech 2 hardeners will really help, so I’ve reorganised my plan to spend a little longer now with the result that I shouldn’t need the Mem/Int remap at all. This does mean it will take longer to get in to a Marauder with the benefit that when I do, I’ll be less likely to loose it!

Long term, once I’m flying my Kronos, I’m intending to diversify my ship portfolio a little; first I’ll train in to a Heavy Assault Cruiser (probably an Ishtar) followed by a Command Ship (Astarte) and eventually get in to Strategic Cruisers (Tengu seems to be the boat of choice here so I’ll need to train missile skills somewhere along the way.)


Role: Support Pilot/Industrialist
Ships: Industrials/To Be Decided

Jhiqui mostly she flies a Noctis, following Jez through missions clearing up the wrecks. She also has a Bestower to transport the loot/salvage to market and an Executioner that I use for hopping between my current mission hub and Jita (to update my buy/sell orders). Additionally, she has a Crucifier (fitted with a remote sensor boosters for missions with heavy jamming), a cargo-fit Magnate (for running low level distribution missions) and lastly an Omen.

The Omen was a bit of an experiment and required a minor deviation from my plan to pilot. One of the blogs I read posted about exploration recently so I figured I’d give it a try. Jhiqui’s drone skills suck (Amarr ships don’t generally favour drones) so I went with a slightly different setup. Unfortunately, having trained and fitted the ship, I’ve so far only taken it out once. I headed to a 0.4 system and immediately started getting harassed by someone in a Vexor Navy Issue. Having no experience with PVP (and a largely inappropriate fit), I have to confess I bailed and returned to High Sec.

Jhiqui has so far trained all the trade skills (except Tycoon, Wholesale & Corporation Contracting) to level 4. Wholesale 4 is on the cards but not currently planned until I’ve completed Core Competency – Standard, however this may change… I usually make a hauling run to Jita on a Sunday/Monday with all my booty from the previous week. Last week, I found I ran out of market (sell) orders before I’d listed half my stuff! I prefer not to sell to buy orders for most items (weapons especially) as the gap between buy & sell can be huge. I should probably start station trading on some of these items as, for instance, I can sell certain Meta 3/4 guns for easily 3-4 times the highest buy order. Not big bucks (~1 mil each) on single units, but volume sales would certainly make up for that.

I’m less certain about taking Jhiqui down the route of full-blown Logistics than I was. I don’t really have that many situations, currently, that Jez can’t handle solo. For multi “room” missions I generally have Jez clearing one room and Jhiqui hoovering the previous one. My current thinking is that I’ll still train Logistics to 4 (possibly 5) but then side-step in to a Damnation, rather than a Guardian. This should give me the flexibility that I can pilot a Guardian if I really need to, but more often can provide the massive buffs that the Damnation brings to the table (not to mention fire-support with it’s heavy assault missile batteries)

After this, I want to get Jhiqui in to R&D. I’ve started acquiring BPOs through stupidly low buy orders (paying ~5k ISK for a BPO that NPCs sell for ~1m ISK is full of win) and I’m watching a number of Contracts for multiple researched BPOs that are currently cheap (I realise I’m probably not the only person watching them).


Corporate Goal

My primary goal for my little corporation is to bring up one of my empire factions to 5.01 and drop a POS in high-sec to start researching my BPOs. I have a ways to go, but I think this is a reasonable goal to aim for. By the time I have the required standing I should have the financial base to afford it (I can easily afford the setup cost for a tower plus labs, I just need to stabilise my income stream to ensure I can cover fuel costs.) I also need to work up Jhiqui’s research related skills (depending on how things go, I may level Jez’s as well)


That’s all for now. Fly safe!