Last night I was running a few lower level missions on Jhiqui to get her Gallente standings up.

On one trip back to my mission hub there was a cargo container floating outside the station tagged as “free salvage bookmark”, the container was yellow so looting it would flag me with the person that dropped it so I figured that it was probably a honey trap. Then again, maybe it wasn’t and since Jez was sitting in the dock doing nothing I undocked her, grabbed the bookmark, redocked and traded it to Jhiqui. This way I could pay the bookmarked location a visit without risking being flagged for combat. (Sneeky, no?)

So, I switch to the Noctis and head off to the location to find a whole mess of wrecks. Judging by the number and type of wrecks someone had completed Mordus Headhunters lvl4 and just left everything, wrecks, loot, the lot. Happy days!

Only not so much… The field was spread over 100km, everything was yellow (no tractor beams & looting would flag me to the owner) and the wrecks were starting to despawn around me, bad times.

I did a quick search for the owner of the cargo container that had flagged Jez and checked out his corp too. Neither he, nor any corp mates were in system so, keeping one eye on my scanner, I set about clearing as much of the field as I could, focusing on the large wrecks first and working my way down. In the end, I managed to scoop about 15mil worth of loot and salvage in 5 minutes. Not too bad for no real effort on my part.


Moral of the story? Not everything in EVE is a trap, though you should probably treat it as such. Also, if you’re gonna leave a stack of wrecks like that, please abandon them so I can tractor them!