I’m pretty much exclusively playing WoW again, but my EVE accounts are still active; one expires 21st August, the other 28th August (I can’t remember which way round they are.) Since I’ve pre-paid for them I’ve decided to continue training my characters but have elected to deviate from my original plan and have been training both Jez & Jhiqui to fly a pair of Ravens.

I had to essentially start anew as neither had any skill points in missiles or Caldari ships. I set myself the goal of achieving a minimum of rank 3 in all the missile support skills before training Cruise Missiles and both are now about a week away from being about to board a fully fitted ship and start tearing stuff up.

Here’s the fitting I’m going with (resistances are tuned for Serpentis):

When my training plan is complete I should be looking at about 6-700 combined DPS vs my current 450ish DPS from Jez’s Navy Megathron. Alternatively, I could leave Jez in her Mega and buy Jhiqui a Navy Raven to get the most bang for my buck (probably closer to 800 DPS), I’d just need to find someone selling a CNR cheap! I’ve included a Tractor & Salvager mainly for BS wrecks and I’ll take a view on bringing back the Noctis for smaller hulks on a case by case basis.

I realise I could significantly increase the tank by equipping an X-Large Shield Booster II (I do have the skills for it) but I’m more comfortable being cap-stable until I get used to flying Caldari. Once I’m in the ships, I’ll continue training Cruise Missiles to rank 5 to gain access to Cruise Missile Specialisation & Cruise Launcher II which should take me roughly up to the end of my pre-paid time. Shield Boost Amplifier II requires a further 12 days training so will have to wait.

Only problem is, I’m not really all that sure when I’ll get a chance to try out my new toys.