Ok, so I’ve made a blog, now what? I guess introductions would be appropriate at this point:

Hello folks, I’m Jezebelle (clearly not my real name as I’m not even a girl!) and I play a Human Paladin in the popular MMO World of Warcraft.

Ancient History/The Dark Ages

I’ve been a video gamer for as long as I can remember. I never really got in to consoles and I’m not quite sure why. It might have been something to do with the cost of games on consoles -vs- other platforms. I do own an Xbox, but it’s sat on the shelf under the TV for the last few years without even being plugged in.

For me, it all started way back in 1987 with a ZX Spectrum +2A, complete with 3.5MHz processor, 128KB of memory and an integrated cassette drive! On this beast of a machine I would play such titles as Fantasy World Dizzy and Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge.

From my Spectrum I moved on to a Commodore Amiga 500+ (c1991 for anyone keeping track). This machine had twice the CPU power of the Spectrum, a whole 7.04MHz, and eight times the memory, a massive 1MB. This would be my gaming platform for a number of years (in fact, I still have this very machine in the loft). Here I was introduced to such classic games as;  Sim City, Civilisation, Xenon 2 – Megablast, Lemmings, Canon Fodder, Speedball 2- Brutal Delux (I just got this on my iPhone and it’s still a great game), Frontier – Elite 2, Settlers, Worms and of course Monkey Island (you can get this on the iPhone now as well).

Around about 1993 my family invested in their first desktop PC. It was a 486 DX2 running at 66MHz with 4MB of memory (later upgraded to 8MB), a 40MB Hard Drive and… a modem. I didn’t really use this machine to game all that much (it was mainly for my parents’ business) but I did go out and buy Doom with my paper round money. What this machine did do though, was to introduce me to the internet! At some point, probably around 1995, my parents upgraded to a 133MHz Pentium MMX and later a Pentium II.

In late 1997 I built my first PC, it was a 233MHz AMD K6 and this is where the story really begins.

In To The Light/The MMO Age

My PC was my baby. It had a custom case that I had stripped down and spray painted black & silver at a time when all PCs were that dull sandy tan colour. My PC was constantly being upgraded & overhauled, more memory, better video card, faster CPU etc. I moved on to more modern games, titles like; Quake, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Star Wars: Jedi Knight, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter and Command and Conquer.

Earth & Beyond

It was thanks to Command and Conquer that I was introduced to the arena of MMOs. As a loyal supporter of Westwood Studios, I subscribed to their email news letter. In early 2003 I received an invitation to download a trial version of Earth & Beyond. I’d heard of games like EverQuest and had never really considered playing them, but I figured they were offering my 14 days free, so why not? Within 10 minutes I was hooked, I played EnB religiously to the exclusion of all other games. I was well known and respected on both the forums and in-game. My main character, Torall, was one of the best geared characters on my server (Orion) and by 2004 I was playing 3 accounts simultaneously on 2 PCs. Then in March, following Electronic Arts buyout of Westwood, it was announced the game would close. I played EnB up until the final moments before the servers were shut down, it was a sad day to be sure, so much time invested by the developers and players alike and it was canned, never to be seen again. (Well, not completely, EnB lives on through a growing emulator.)

EVE OnlineCity of Heroes

After EnB I tried out a couple of other MMOs; EVE Online and City of Heroes. I love EVE, I’ve gone back to it a number of times. It’s a beautiful game with incredible depth, but the persistent PVP thing kills it for me every time. CoH was fun for a while, but it lacked depth. It may have changed over the years, but when I was playing there was nothing to do but grind mobs all day.

World of WarcraftI’ve played WoW since the beginning, so that’s almost 7 years. I got an invite to the closed beta test and my adventure began there.

On launch day I joined Bloodhoof server with many of the same folks I’d played EnB with. My first character was Torall, a Human Mage. I got Torall to level 60, joined a raiding guild, downed Ragnaros (Molten Core), Onyxia (Onyxia’s Lair) and later Nefarian (Blackwing Lair). It was good, but the guild I was in was big and over time the people I originally played with started drifting off; some quit, some moved to EU servers and others… become to big for their own boots and were not the friends I knew before.

My second character was Wizzbit. I created Wizzbit to play with someone who I would later marry. She played a Dwarf Priest and I played a Gnome Warrior. We leveled together and over time, Wizzbit replaced Torall as my main character. My original guild grew and we started tackling raid content ourselves with mixed success. At some point, the entire guild transferred servers to Eitrigg.

In October of 2006 I got married and we took a 6 month break from WoW. We’d just got married and moved in to our first house, we were also a bit burnt out from playing, so if just felt like the right time to leave. While we were gone, the guild that we had built imploded and all but died.

Around March 2007 we decided to come back to WoW, but strictly as casual players. There was new content to explore (Burning Crusade was released in January of that year) and many of the people that had caused the old guild to fall apart had left. Wizzbit continued to be my main character, but I started levelling a Paladin on the side, enter Jezebelle.

For anyone that was playing during Burning Crusade, you will remember how Paladins went from being nothing more than a “Priest in Plate” (though often cloth) to the single most over-powered tank in the game. Warriors, once the only real tanks, were left crying in a corner. Needless to say, Jezebelle was Protection. We moved guilds and joined up with a much smaller group of folks that we’d played with in the past. We weren’t part of the guild leadership and playing was fun. Heroics were hard and gearing was slow, we cleared Karazhan and dabbled in other raids, though nothing to serious.

In November 2008 Wrath of the Lich King was released. We changed gears slightly and powered to level 80. Heroic dungeons, once the realm of the few became mass-market. We rapidly geared up, faster than the rest of our guild, and started joining PuG Naxxramas runs. When our own guild entered Naxx, we were able to offer advice on how to approach certain fights and we made reasonable progress.

I still don’t really know what happened next. The guild we were in suddenly went very quiet, many of the core members simply vanished. We found out later that they had all transferred servers and started a new guild leaving a smaller group of us behind. It sucked and hurt, these were people we’d played with for ages and thought we knew, turns out we were wrong. Those of us that remained attempted to assume leadership of the guild, but we were blocked by the former leader who logged in just often enough to be seen by GMs as being active.

 Aura of Awesome

And so here we in the present. For the reasons laid out above (and another which I won’t go in to now) we formed a new guild. We invited all those people that we still played with and never looked back. Over the last two years we have built a guild based on two very simple rules; Keep the drama out and the fun in. We put real life before the game and play to have fun with the friends we have made along the way. I still raid when I’m able and, while we are admittedly behind the curve in terms of progression, we are currently making excellent progress through the Cataclysm raids.