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The House of Zuminov

A few weeks back I set up buy orders for all the skill books I was going to need for my “Traders” account. Most of these, with a couple of exceptions, and significantly below market cost might I add. Off the back of this, I took the plunge and created my third EVE account.

I toyed around with a couple of ideas for names, but ultimately decided that I wanted to have a common family name for all my traders to provide a little consistency. My wife suggested the name “Zuminov” (which she’s used variations of in other games) and we agreed that it had a good ring to it. I’m not sure exactly how the lore works regarding the Zuminovs being spread across the various factions of New Eden but they are, so deal with it.

And so, without further ado, I present to you The House of Zuminov:


Dimitri Zuminov

Dimitri Zuminov

Amarr – Ni-Kunni – Free Merchants

Dimitri was the first character to be created on the account. I’ve worked through the new player tutorial and the career agent missions in all three rookie systems.

I took things at a pretty leisurely pace for the first system as I reminded myself what was needed and got faster as I went. I admit I totally cheated for the most part… I flew Jhiqui up to Amarr space in a Corax fitted with missiles and just blew up all the rats while Dimitri looted.

Progress wise; I’ve finished training all the ship skills I wanted and have remapped to a Charisma build to train trade skills. So far he’s up to 53 market orders with support skills to three or four across the board.

Dimitri is going to base out of Amarr. I gave him an initial 50m ISK cash injection which I’ve doubled already mainly by buying skillbooks & implants and shipping these back to Amarr to resell. He has a fitted & rigged Executioner to facilitate rapid movement around the local area and will also be issued with a Bestower when he has the need for it. I’m also thinking I’ll pick up a Magnate and run some level 2 distribution missions to get his Emperor Family faction up a little as I can do this “afk”.


Anastasia Zuminov

Anastasia Zuminov

Gallente – Jin-Mei – Sang Do Caste

Anastasia is going to be based out of Dodixie and will have an Atron, Iteron III and probably an Imicus for the same reasons as Dimitri.

So far I’ve completed the tutorial and done the first couple of Exploration missions in the first career agent system. I know that I don’t really need to do these but they have the benefit that they give a decent initial standing boost for fairly minimal effort.

Her training queue is currently on hold until Dimitri reaches the end of phase one. This is where the limitation of only one character per account being able to train at a time is somewhat unfortunate as it would be really good to get two characters up to speed faster. Still, these are the rules within which one must work.


??? Zuminov

Alexei Zuminov

Minmatar – Sebiestor – Rebels

I have literally zero experience with Minmatar, their ships or their space beyond a few hauling runs I did from Jita to Rens back when I first started out.

Despite this, I’m aware that Hek is one of the fastest growing trading hubs in New Eden and that I should be able to make a reasonable return on investment by setting up shop here. Given that Hek isn’t as close to the Minmatar starter systems as Amarr & Dodixie are to theirs I’m expecting that I’ll either need to haul stuff in to sell or focus on station trading. For this reason, Alexei will be the last character on the account to be trained as I have the least experience in these areas. I’m considering starting him out in Rens and moving to Hek once I get a little more established but I have a while to decide exactly what I want to do on this front.


So, the grand experiment has begun. Given that I’m 10 days in and have made around 80m ISK on a single low skilled character I’m hopeful that I should be able to fund at least this account from PLEX by the time the initial 90 days ends. Stay tuned!


Last night, almost entirely by accident, I stumbled upon a potentially very lucrative business opportunity.

It’s early days yet so I don’t want to give too much away for risk that it either doesn’t work out or someone else jumps in on a good thing. What I will say though is that it doesn’t involve scams, piracy or anything “illegal”. It’s simply taking advantage of people with less… market awareness. Based on my initial testing it has the potential to net anything upto 200% ROI (possibly more) with minimal effort (mainly just running around in a shuttle), though I’m not sure yet how scalable or sustainable that is.


Trade Alt(s)

As I mentioned previously, I’ve been thinking of starting a third account. My two main accounts income is currently sufficient that, if I wanted, I could finance a third account with PLEX which would mean that it would not cost me anything beyond the initial setup fee, for which I’d use the “Power of Two” offer that CCP are currently running. (90 days for £19.99)

What would I do with such an account you ask? Basically; pure trade.

My intention would be to create 3 alts basing them in (most likely) Dodixie, Amarr and then either Jita or Hek.  From these locations I’d initially start out with regional (5-10 jump range) buy orders for lower value items (skill books, implants, the usual sort of stuff). As wallets, skills and my own experience grow I’ll begin to fine-tune the items I trade and wind the range in to maximise my ISK/Hour. Ideally I’d like to spend no more than an hour a day managing everything on this account (preferably less) so it’s important to get everything running as smoothly as possible.

Each alt would follow the same training plan with the goal being to get some basic ship skills (to enable me pick up regional buy orders and transport them back to the hub for resale) and then focus purely on trade skills. I’ve built myself a plan in EVEMon with a 28 day “Phase 1” which will enable me to rotate training around the 3 alts fairly rapidly so that they’re all up to speed by the end of the initial 90 days. If, after this time, the account is not self-sustaining I can simply cancel the subscription.

Here’s my initial plan:

Cybernetics I

Install +3 implants for Int, Mem, Charisma & Willpower (I can purchase these with LP on one of my mains or off the market)

Amarr Frigate III
Amarr Industrial III
Hull Upgrades III
Shield Upgrades III
Afterburner III
Warp Drive Operation III
Evasive Maneuvering III
High Speed Maneuvering III
Mechanics III
Jury Rigging III
Astronautics Rigging I

Training Time: ~5 days – Ability to fly Frigates & Industrials with a tech 2 tank.

Remap to Charisma/Memory and continue training…

Social I
Trade IV
Contracting I
Retail IV
Accounting IV
Broker Relations IV
Margin Trading IV
Retail V
Marketing IV
Wholesale IV
Daytrading IV

Training Time: ~23 days (28 days total) – All core trade skills trained. Worst case cost 100mil ISK (including skill books & implants).

Training would now shift to the next character on the account and repeat the same process. Once all three have completed phase one the plan then moves on to training the supporting skills (Accounting, Broker Relations & Margin Trading) to V and then training for Tycoon IV. This will take a further 47 days per character at which point their training will be “complete”.

Middle term; I’d most likely train one character to be able to fly a Freighter (around 30 days with a Perception/Willpower remap). Possibly train all 3 into Interceptors & Covert Ops (another 30 days) and maybe train for Transport ships (yet another 30 days). Again, working in cycles around the three characters.

Long term; I’d look to get into R&D, possibly establish a POS (I’ll have enough Gallente faction on Jez by that stage to anchor in 0.6, possibly 0.7 space) and begin researching and producing T2 BPCs, but that’s as much as a year or more away and who knows what I’ll be doing by then.

EVE Update

I’m pretty much exclusively playing WoW again, but my EVE accounts are still active; one expires 21st August, the other 28th August (I can’t remember which way round they are.) Since I’ve pre-paid for them I’ve decided to continue training my characters but have elected to deviate from my original plan and have been training both Jez & Jhiqui to fly a pair of Ravens.

I had to essentially start anew as neither had any skill points in missiles or Caldari ships. I set myself the goal of achieving a minimum of rank 3 in all the missile support skills before training Cruise Missiles and both are now about a week away from being about to board a fully fitted ship and start tearing stuff up.

Here’s the fitting I’m going with (resistances are tuned for Serpentis):

When my training plan is complete I should be looking at about 6-700 combined DPS vs my current 450ish DPS from Jez’s Navy Megathron. Alternatively, I could leave Jez in her Mega and buy Jhiqui a Navy Raven to get the most bang for my buck (probably closer to 800 DPS), I’d just need to find someone selling a CNR cheap! I’ve included a Tractor & Salvager mainly for BS wrecks and I’ll take a view on bringing back the Noctis for smaller hulks on a case by case basis.

I realise I could significantly increase the tank by equipping an X-Large Shield Booster II (I do have the skills for it) but I’m more comfortable being cap-stable until I get used to flying Caldari. Once I’m in the ships, I’ll continue training Cruise Missiles to rank 5 to gain access to Cruise Missile Specialisation & Cruise Launcher II which should take me roughly up to the end of my pre-paid time. Shield Boost Amplifier II requires a further 12 days training so will have to wait.

Only problem is, I’m not really all that sure when I’ll get a chance to try out my new toys.

Progress Report: May 2012

I’m still playing Internet Spaceships (EVE) so I figured that I’d post a little updated on how I’m progressing.

EVE is one of those games where setting yourself goals is pretty much essential. You can certainly play from one day to the next, but you’ll never be anything close to competitive/optimal.

I have a loose master plan that I’m working towards for both my toons. This is constantly being tweaked and, while I do occasionally deviate from it, for the most part I’m sticking to it. Both Jez & Jhiqui are still in their default attribute maps with +4 implants. I’ve decided to train Core Competency – Standard (plus a few extra skills I require/desire) before both get remaps to Preception/Willpower and start training those skills in earnest.

Role: Combat Pilot
Ships: Battlecruisers/Battleships

Jez is currently piloting a Megathron Navy Issue running level 4 security missions with a Myrmidon on standby for level 3s (when I have less time available.) She also has a Thorax, Atron and an Iteron III in her hangar. For the most part, I’ve not deviated significantly from my original plan, however I spent the last week working on my Social skills (to get the most from mission rewards and to improve my standings) and will be spending the next week sorting out my mediocre drone skills.

Originally I’d only planned to train my core skills bare the minimums needed to progress with the intention of remapping to Memory/Intellect once I’d trained my ship piloting skills. The downside of this was, while I’d be able to use Tech 2 guns, I’d still be sporting a Tech 1 tank. Having started running level 4s I can see that the added resistances of Tech 2 hardeners will really help, so I’ve reorganised my plan to spend a little longer now with the result that I shouldn’t need the Mem/Int remap at all. This does mean it will take longer to get in to a Marauder with the benefit that when I do, I’ll be less likely to loose it!

Long term, once I’m flying my Kronos, I’m intending to diversify my ship portfolio a little; first I’ll train in to a Heavy Assault Cruiser (probably an Ishtar) followed by a Command Ship (Astarte) and eventually get in to Strategic Cruisers (Tengu seems to be the boat of choice here so I’ll need to train missile skills somewhere along the way.)


Role: Support Pilot/Industrialist
Ships: Industrials/To Be Decided

Jhiqui mostly she flies a Noctis, following Jez through missions clearing up the wrecks. She also has a Bestower to transport the loot/salvage to market and an Executioner that I use for hopping between my current mission hub and Jita (to update my buy/sell orders). Additionally, she has a Crucifier (fitted with a remote sensor boosters for missions with heavy jamming), a cargo-fit Magnate (for running low level distribution missions) and lastly an Omen.

The Omen was a bit of an experiment and required a minor deviation from my plan to pilot. One of the blogs I read posted about exploration recently so I figured I’d give it a try. Jhiqui’s drone skills suck (Amarr ships don’t generally favour drones) so I went with a slightly different setup. Unfortunately, having trained and fitted the ship, I’ve so far only taken it out once. I headed to a 0.4 system and immediately started getting harassed by someone in a Vexor Navy Issue. Having no experience with PVP (and a largely inappropriate fit), I have to confess I bailed and returned to High Sec.

Jhiqui has so far trained all the trade skills (except Tycoon, Wholesale & Corporation Contracting) to level 4. Wholesale 4 is on the cards but not currently planned until I’ve completed Core Competency – Standard, however this may change… I usually make a hauling run to Jita on a Sunday/Monday with all my booty from the previous week. Last week, I found I ran out of market (sell) orders before I’d listed half my stuff! I prefer not to sell to buy orders for most items (weapons especially) as the gap between buy & sell can be huge. I should probably start station trading on some of these items as, for instance, I can sell certain Meta 3/4 guns for easily 3-4 times the highest buy order. Not big bucks (~1 mil each) on single units, but volume sales would certainly make up for that.

I’m less certain about taking Jhiqui down the route of full-blown Logistics than I was. I don’t really have that many situations, currently, that Jez can’t handle solo. For multi “room” missions I generally have Jez clearing one room and Jhiqui hoovering the previous one. My current thinking is that I’ll still train Logistics to 4 (possibly 5) but then side-step in to a Damnation, rather than a Guardian. This should give me the flexibility that I can pilot a Guardian if I really need to, but more often can provide the massive buffs that the Damnation brings to the table (not to mention fire-support with it’s heavy assault missile batteries)

After this, I want to get Jhiqui in to R&D. I’ve started acquiring BPOs through stupidly low buy orders (paying ~5k ISK for a BPO that NPCs sell for ~1m ISK is full of win) and I’m watching a number of Contracts for multiple researched BPOs that are currently cheap (I realise I’m probably not the only person watching them).


Corporate Goal

My primary goal for my little corporation is to bring up one of my empire factions to 5.01 and drop a POS in high-sec to start researching my BPOs. I have a ways to go, but I think this is a reasonable goal to aim for. By the time I have the required standing I should have the financial base to afford it (I can easily afford the setup cost for a tower plus labs, I just need to stabilise my income stream to ensure I can cover fuel costs.) I also need to work up Jhiqui’s research related skills (depending on how things go, I may level Jez’s as well)


That’s all for now. Fly safe!

Goals, Plans & Alts

One aspect of EVE that I’m not really that enthused by is the way alts are handled. You can create up to three characters per account, however you can only have one of the three training at any given time.

Say you want to have an alt sat in a trade hub (eg Jita) to do your buying and selling. You’ll want to train this character to have, as a minimum, Trade & Retail. You’ll probably also want them to have some of the supporting skills; Accounting, Marketing, Daytrading, Margin Trading, Visibility and Procurement to name a few. To get all these to a reasonable level (~level 4) will take a good three weeks, during which time your main isn’t able to be training anything. On top of this, you’ll want to increase your standings with whichever corporation runs your chosen trading station (Caldari Navy for Jita 4-4) to reduce the sales tax you pay, so you’ll need to run some missions for them again eating in to time away from your main.

As a result of this, you really only have two choices:

  1. Train those skills on your main and diversify your skill portfolio at the expense of reaching your other goals that bit slower.
  2. Activate a second account enabling you to have two characters training at once and then gang up for missions.

The most obvious downside to option two is that you have to pay for a second account. However, if you can earn enough ISK, you can cover this by purchasing PLEX from the in-game market. This is what I’m planning. (Actually, my goal is to pay for both accounts with PLEX.)

My alt is going to be a “support” character. Here’s what I’m planning in a nut shell:

  • Jezbelle – Primarily combat orientated. My current goal is to be able to fly the following; Megathron, Megathron Navy Issue, Vindicator and eventually a Kronos. Included in my plan are all the required supporting skills (eg; the prerequisites for Tech 2 Blasters/Railguns etc). Based on the plan I’ve assembled in EVEMon I will be able to step in to a properly (Tech 2) fitted Kronos inside of six months, which I actually think is reasonable. I’ve then got another three months of sundry skills planned to further enhance the performance gains from the hull. (Mostly this consists of maxing out a lot of skills to level five that only require three/four to pass the minimum requirements.)
  • Jhiqui – Initially, I’ve planned to train in to pilot a Noctis, so I can salvage the wrecks Jez creates, and then a Providence, so I can haul that crap to market in bulk, this will take about two months. Once this is done, I’ll turn my attention to the main goal for Jhiqui; providing Logistics support to Jez. Given that Jez is going to mostly be flying buffer-tanked Gallente hulls I’ve chosen to make Jhiqui Amarr with the goal to be able to pilot a Guardian. Later on I intend cross-train Caldari Cruisers to be able to fly a Basilisk as well, since from what I’ve read, a lot of fleets seem to fly with shield tanks.

Despite having started Jhiqui later than Jezebelle, both plans complete around the same time so everything should work out rather well. Where I go from there is really anyone’s guess. If I ever get in to low/null sec stuff I guess I’d ultimately aim to fly a Nyx though that’s clearly some significant way off (probably a year to be able to pilot & fit the hull properly, not to mention the cost!)

While I’m not raking in ISK at the speed Gevlon is, I should have little to no trouble make money if/when I need to. I’ve made some minor ventures in to hauling Tech 2 modules between Jita & Rens which has proven very positive (they’ve paid for fully fitted a Thorax & Myrmidon so far with a very comfortable pile of ISK left over). I’ll continue this as time goes on, though I will wait until I can pilot something with a better tank than an Iteron Mk III before hauling anything too valuable!

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